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Tenants information

All properties require a secure deposit, rent is to be paid one month in advance. In the case of housing benefit claims advance rent can be negotiated at the landlords discretion.
We take a £150 administration fee but unlike other agents we only take the fee once you application is successful. We will request references, proof of income and ID prior to clearance.

If you withdraw there will be no refund of fees or if your references are unsatisfactory.


Is payable via standing order in advance. We take non-payment of rent very seriously and will act swiftly using appropriate legislation.

About Us

Central Property Management is owned by Janette Yates.

She says, "As a landlord myself, I have managed properties for many years and believe that I can offer an honest management service for landlords and tailor a successful letting solution to each individual property, owner and tenant."

For Landlords

At Central Property Management, we understand that landlords want a seamless service that enables their properties to be run at a profit whilst maintaining the properties to a good standard. Our aim is to provide this service with no hidden charges. We tailor each management package to each landlords needs at a realistic cost.

We manage all properties the way we manage our own – We don’t allow long void periods

We chase payments vigorously

We get the best prices for all maintenance work

We take clear direction from the landlord

We visit properties regularly for checks

We operate a 24 hour, out of hours, emergency line, so that the landlords isn’t expected to deal with any issues, at any time.

We charge the management fee only, each month – there are no added charges

For Tenants

We understand that when you are looking to move there are lots of hidden/additional charges which make it impossible to obtain the property you want. At CPM we work with the tenant, we only charge a small, single fee if you are successful in your application for a property. We work closely with you to support your application and make your move as easy and painless as possible.

Your property is an asset and letting can be a profitable option for your investment. We at Central Property Management are here to assist you throughout this process. Once you have instructed us to act on your behalf you can rest in the knowledge that your property is in experienced hands.

We have a full computer system and extensive knowledge and experience of the lettings and property management. We will find you the right tenant for your property via local press, internet portals, our website and distinctive sign boards we actively manage your property.

If you select our fully managed service we will collect rent, undertake 3 monthly inspections, arrange maintenance, produce monthly accounts which we forward to you minus our management fee.

Preparing your property to let –

1. Remove all clutter

2. Keep decor neutral

3. Ensure any general maintenance is up to date

4. Ensure the property is thoroughly clean, paying special attention to the bathroom and kitchen

5. Ensure the garden or yard is neat and tidy Gas safety certificates are mandatory, as is the installation of smoke alarms (minimum of 2) carbon monoxide detectors (close to gas appliances) and an electrical fixed wiring test. An energy performance certificate must also be available.

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